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Deadly Bed Drapes - 50 per box

Thank you Rob Noseworthy from Black and Blue Tattoo for designing this rad packaging! 50 per box

These darpes are a game changer!

This is a non-woven fabric bed drape secured to a PE backing. These drapes keep your surfaces dry and away from the fluids in the tattoo process. On top of that, they are strong! No more cheap plastic material sticking to your clients or sheets that easily rip, tear and fall apart throughout your tattoo. No need for multiple sheets per tattoo! The material is soft and comfortable for your clients during the longer sessions. They feel like a linen material. 

These are also very large! 89" x 40" For smaller areas, these easily cut down to halves or quarters and can also be used as an arm wrap. You will see James, Anthony and the other Deadly crew using them this way. 

Try these out, you will not be disappointed. Each sheet individually wrapped. 

Due to the size of box, there is a $25 shipping fee when adding this product. If you add 2 or more it is still only $25 for everything, even if you add pillow cases so please consider this when placing an order. Local Calgary delivery still $10

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